logoMillstone is a community of 6 people of different backgrounds living and working in and around Boston, Massachusetts. Our house takes part in community events around Boston, cooks and eats great food together, and makes consensus decisions as we strive to be an inclusive, sustainable and safe space. We invite you to be in touch, stop by for a meal, and become our friend!

At the end of August, we moved out of our home of 17 (!) years in Davis Square, Somerville. In the face of rapid gentrification our house was sold, and we were priced out. After a long and challenging process, we have happily settled into a new rental in Dorchester, right near the Ashmont train station. We are still in the process of rebuilding and rethinking what our community will become amidst all of the changes.



The first members of Millstone 2.0! Meet Jenny, Mariko, Annabel, Adam, Kamene, and Mary (pictured left to right, top to bottom).

Background image: This image of two deer used to be painted on the door of our old home.  Benny, an old housemate, made a series of prints out of the stencil which was used to paint the door. They now hang on our wall.