Welcome to the online home of Millstone Co-op


Millstone is a community of 11 people of different backgrounds living and working in and around Somerville, Massachusetts. Our house takes part in community events around Boston, raises chickens, cooks and eats great food together, and makes consensus decisions as we strive to be an inclusive, sustainable and safe space. We invite you to be in touch, stop by for brunch, and become our friend! Please join us at our Community Potluck Brunch on the 4th Sunday of every month! Free and open to the public, all vegetarian food. Contributions welcome but not necessary. Come meet our chickens!

Our Big Move!

Some of you may have already heard the unfortunate news that our current house has been sold 🙁 Our current lease runs through August 31. Though it will be incredibly difficult to leave this location, we are also excited to be working with Boston Community Cooperatives (BCC) to find a more permanent home for the Millstone community!

Right now, we are starting to put together a down payment for this new home and looking to our community for support. We are hoping to connect with folks who are interested in investing in Millstone– as a community resource, as a way to support affordable housing in Somerville/Boston, and as a really cool place that we want to see continue to exist.

If this seems interesting/awesome to you, we’d love to chat with you more about how to help out or get involved. This is a BIG project and we will need a lot of support! Even things that seem small will be a big help. Some ways you can help are:

    • Invest in Millstone thru an Allied Loan (1-4% returns)
    • Make a tax deductible donation thru Paypal (even $20 can help) (button below)
    • Ask your friends and family to support Millstone
    • Give us advice. Have you purchased a home before? Do you know of big foundations interested in supporting affordable housing? You may know something awesome that we don’t. We’d love to hear it!


At Millstone we’re creating a loving, just, authentic world through our commitment to our relationship with each other and to social justice in the Somerville community.

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